Author Journey

The Road to Publication (so far)

It’s been a crazy 6 years…


I started this writing journey just as a hobby at first, 6 years ago. I never thought in a million years I would be trying to pursue publication. It is crazy how your life kind of paves the way for you in small ways. You don’t even realize it until you look back and analyze all the steps it took to get you where you are in the present moment.

2017 was the year I was really focusing on my book. I would go YEARS without writing anything and then inspiration would randomly strike. When I write, I WRITE.

I don’t stop for days and days. I get out all my thoughts, ideas, dialogue, actions and just go for it! I was so ready to do that in 2017 but then the baby dust fairy came to a-callin’ and I had to shift my priorities. I did manage to finish my book 1 draft and even participated in NaNoWriMo that same year, but that was it. 2017 was a rough year for me and my family. Job loss, pregnancy, constantly worrying about if we would lose our house or how we would put food on the table.

Luckily, things began to shift.

I started my own business with a lot of success. It gave me the freedom to make my own schedule and work on my terms. Once I was sailing smoothly without hitting too many walls, I started my series again. I joined Facebook groups, followed authors, writers, and editors on Twitter and IG,  created my own author ID and started participating and interacting with some amazing people from all across the world.

It added wood to my already burning fire. It made me want to share more, show my WIP off a little and really get to know the people I was connecting with. Doing all of that made we want to get serious. I set a goal for 2019 and now I am ready to manifest it:

“I will be a published author in 2019”

Right now, I feel I am in a good place; right where I should be to reach this goal.

  • Book 1 draft is in the hands of an editor to work her magic
  • Book 2 is being written and put together piece by piece
  • My author website is up & my passion for blogging about my adventures is sparked
  • I am active on IG, my favorite social media for my author journey & am meeting some AMAZING aspiring authors/writers

The one BIG challenge I have yet to face is deciding if I want to self-publish or find an agent.

I know I have the ability to do both. They both require a lot of prep and a lot of learning on my part. I want to do this right, not fast. It’s important I figure this out in the upcoming months so I know what path I want to pursue myself.

Any advice you can give? What path have you chosen for your road to publication and what helped you decide one over the other?

Thanks so much for reading!

May Sol’s light shine within you –

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