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Character Spotlight: Namari

Here is my first character spotlight;

Namari is a witch living in the Forest of Andi. Witches of Joro are not your standard long-nosed wart infested broom flyers with black cats. They are spiritual and, in a sense, very in tune with the elements and nature.

The witches of Joro are based on the ancient Amazons of Greek mythology fused with a Native American shaman. They are strong in both mind and body. They wear the colors of the earth on their skin and decorate themselves with what nature has to offer. They are the only humans in Joro who still see and pay homage to the Drakarian as Gods.

“A witch’s best weapon is her mind.” Namari

You are a witch if you are born with magical abilities. These traits only affect women. Most of the magic they possess are enhanced intellects and the ability to utilize more than the 5 senses. The fact that they are connected to these other realms outside the scope of what is deemed normal, allows them to channel and use energy for healing & combat. It is rare you will see a witch who possesses supernatural abilities such as fire wielding.

Witches are seen as abominations.

In the past, witches were sought after and help in high regard. They even held prestigious titles and authority to the king. Once deemed unworthy, men cast them aside like unwanted dogs. If you are unlucky enough to be born a witch, you kept it secret or face torture, banishment or even death.

“Men demonize what they wish to control. Fear is a powerful ally.” Namari


Namari is between the ages of 22-30, though her true age is never revealed. She has long dark hair and light brown eyes. She is average height with a strong, lean build. Her skin is slightly tan from living amongst the trees of the forest. She wields a staff to help harness her abilities and is quite a seasoned tracker.

The gift she possesses is the ability to read thoughts & emotions.

Namari is very wise and in tune with the world around her. Her experiences and hardships molded her into a very refined and capable being. She is loyal to her sisters & in helping others who are still lost or afraid. Namari is a teacher, a loyal friend, and a skilled fighter.

“My life has had so little taste of happiness before finding salvation. There are so many of us who suffer the same fate. Know magic will never be kind to you and will never let you suffer needlessly.” Namari

Let me know what you think of Namari!

Her insight and patient way of being are so inspiring, even as I continue to develop her character. Thanks for reading!

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