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Sol: Deity of Joro

I wanted to give everyone a bit of insight into Joro’s deity.

Sol is the God of Creation.

In modern comparison, he is the father of all things. He is the sun, made of nothing but energy and fire. As most creator gods, he was always there with no origin or meaning for existing.

He is depicted as the sun during the day and the moon at night. He is always watching, shining his light down on the world he has created.

I wanted to share how it all began.

the creation story is like most others, but even so, it’s fun to pick out the differences. Each world is created out of chaos, boredom or the urge to find meaning.

This is the tale that children of Joro are told by their mothers and fathers. The story that bards and storytellers weave into songs and poetry as to how it all began.

It was small; a tiny flame adrift amongst the vast darkness of the unknown. It traveled without direction before time began. As it passed through the endless nothingness, it began to grow. Its trail grew as long as the heart of the flame burned stronger. Embers began to jump from its body. Those embers became the stars, scattering throughout the darkness. The fire was pleased with what it had created.

When it could grow no more, it took its place at the center of the darkness and became Sol.

At first, Sol was fond of the stars, but soon he grew tired at staring at nothing but it’s own light. He harnessed a hundred of it’s brightest stars and, out of those stars, Sol created Joro.

He was quite fond of his creation, but soon he grew tired at staring at nothing but it’s emptiness. So he scorched the lands of Joro for 100 years. The scars became mountains and valleys; oceans and deserts. These things began to grow and Sol was pleased. But soon Sol was tired of staring at nothing but empty oceans and deserted lands.

For 4 days and 4 nights, Sol mustered all his power to become brighter and larger than ever before. He drew all the stars to its surface until it was consumed by them. When it could bear no more, the light burst from its surface and flooded all into darkness.

Out of this light arose 2 magnificent winged creatures, the birth of the first Creators.

Sol gave them names, Dag & Nott.

He bestowed upon them all of the knowledge of the universe.

He gifted Dag with the light of Joro and Nott with its darkness.

“Keep sacred the gifts I have given you.” He said.

“Care and nurture my creation as I have cared for and nurtured you. Do as I command and the fire will always burn within you.”

Dag & Nott were good to the lands Joro. Through their wisdom and power, given to them by Sol, they began to create life. That life began to grow into the oceans, to the land, to the mountains, valleys, and deserts.

From their own flesh and blood, Dag & Nott created the Drakarians, to be the Keepers of Creation. Each was responsible for all life, to protect and to pass on knowledge to those worthy of it.

Dag & Nott then took to the skies with the gifts Sol had given them. They use these gifts to keep the balance of creation equal in both light and darkness. From there they could watch over the Drakarians and all life they had created.

As time moved forward, the Drakarians began to see potential in the life it was set to protect. Few species emerged that they found were worthy of knowledge.

In the oceans, it was given to the Cetaceans and on the land, it was given to Man.

Does your WIP or published work have its own unique creation story? 

May Sol’s light be with you always –

2 thoughts on “Sol: Deity of Joro”

  1. Hey Monica! I hope you guys are doing well! I am so excited about your writing project, and thank you for the fun blogging that brings it alive!

    I realize this is totally random, but I have a Facebook friend with a daughter who is an incredible artist, and she primary draws dragons. I think she’s 12, and has been drawing them for years now. In case you were thinking about any art for your book, she might be a really source for it. Here’s a link to her etsy page.

    Hug the kids and Greg for us! Happy new year! Hillary


    1. Hi Hillary! Her drawings are incredible! Thanks for dropping her shop, I love supporting indie artists so will add her to the list in case I need some art made up.
      Hope you and the kids are doing well! We miss you guys!


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