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A Trek Through the Woods: Reflections

Happy February Writers & Authors!

I hope everyone has had an excellent month of writing. To me, it felt like January was 1,000 days long. It was wrought with trials, tribulations, disappointment, and plenty of sleepless nights.

Everything was meshing together, creating a lot of stress and anxiety.

Luckily, the outdoors is always there to help clear my mind and take in the quiet of the world (living in a house with 2 kids & 4 pets; alone time is damn near impossible).

To took a trek through the woods to clear my head and wash away all the negative energy I was experiencing.

 I couldn’t go on a woodland stroll without my trusty pup. Before kids, Freya went with me everywhere. We would hike every weekend together; either with our dog walking troop or just the two of us. She is my second, my gamma, a true extension of myself in canine form.

This was the first time we ventured into the depths of our forest backyard. I don’t know why it took so long for us to finally step into the unknown. We have had countless chances but as a parent (as I am sure many of you know) time can sometimes slip away from you. Sometimes it’s easier to just fall on the couch and not move then to actually go out and do something for yourself.

It really is amazing just how quiet the forest can be.

It helps free your mind of distractions. Looking around, observing what nature has given us; it allows for so much inspiration to flourish. I have forgotten just how much silence is something we all need to have in our lives; just 5 minutes a day even to just shut everything off and be.

We came to a clearing and saw this old pipe just sitting there. My immediate reaction was,

“Oh geez. There is a decaying corpse inside that pipe.”

It’s a classic scenario I’ve learned from countless films and media. Being a fan of horror, it was only natural for me to think I would stumble upon the next victim of some soon to be a notorious serial killer.

Unfortunately, my overactive imagination got the better of me, and there as nothing but emptiness staring back at me once I peered inside.

 The clearing though was a gorgeous sight. It was so open, the sky just laying bare to whoever gazed upon it. I haven’t experienced the vastness of the sky in such a long time, or at least I never paid attention to it.

There is so much unbelievable beauty in the world if we would all just stop to see it.

Nature give us so many stories to tell; they all have something to say if we listen. Take these trees; standing along the horizon. What would they be saying about this cold but wonderful day? How do they feel? What secrets do they carry with them that have been lost to the passage of time?

If you really stop and think about it, the possibilities are endless. It could be anything. That’s what the stuff of magic is made of; endless in an almost timeless space.

Continuing our trek, I tried to stay on a path away from human dwellings. I wanted to try and keep this as far from society as I could possibly be, whilst still remaining just a few minutes from my home.

We came across this HUGE tree. It was more like 2 trees that decided life would be more meaningful if they joined as one. Finding someone to give your life meaning is rare enough, but actually allowing them to grow with you in life is even rarer.

Humans are naturally social creatures. I am a natural introvert and don’t have much of a social life (not afraid to admit it) but sometimes I do find myself longing for a connection outside my family circle.

It can be a lonely feeing, but being open about it is the best medicine.

I have always been someone to bottle up my feelings and never let them see the light of day. Perhaps that is why I connect so much the characters in my story. All of them seem to be battling with disconnecting themselves from the natural human response of sharing ones experiences and feelings with others.

There is always a road block. There is always a reason to hold that back; whether it is to protect someone or stay isolated and disrupt the chance at finding a true connection.

 This may just be the mindless ramblings of someone who can’t find the time to let go.

Whatever this is, it is a journey. My time in the woods was a way for me to let go and discover the world around me from a more ‘in-tune’ perspective.

I don’t really believe in balance, but I do believe in calm. It’s not about finding a way to keep everything on the same wavelength, but about knowing when you need to stop. The moment it shifts and you find yourself grasping at nothing but air hoping that you will finally find something to hold on to.

Take that time and just be silent. Find a place that makes it easy for you to allow that energy to flow within you and bring you back to that natural state of calmness. Let it inspire you.

Who knows what could be created from it.

Everyone has a happy place; whats’ yours?

May Sol’s light shine within you –

2 thoughts on “A Trek Through the Woods: Reflections”

  1. My wife and I love trekking in the woods too and there are plenty to choose from around here in the Niagara Region. With my daughter being 11, she too is starting to feel the beauty in it like we do, so it’s easier to get lost in the environment (not literally, of course lol). What’s wonderful, is that we live in such a populated place but it’s still so easy to find solitude around here, especially in the forests and parks. One thing I haven’t done in a long time though is ventured out on my own…I used to all the time.

    We don’t have many friends either, my wife and I. We just keep to ourselves mostly…everybody is busy with their own lives and what not…what can you do? Seems to come with age, right? When I was a kid, I’d see my parents barely had any close friends left and I always told myself, “that’ll never be me, I’ll have my friends forever”. Heh…guess not.

    As for my happy place? It’s at “The Old Canal”, where my wife and I used to frequently sneak off to and ummm…discuss things. Haha no really, we didn’t do anything inappropriate but we didn’t talk much there either…we’d just sit and enjoy each other’s company…and make-out, sometimes 😉 But we didn’t have to say anything and that was the beautiful part of it. Just being near each other was good enough…it was perfect. We haven’t been there together in ages.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. I really like this post. It was wonderful 🙂


    1. Glad you liked it! I feel like I am in a bubble sometimes, so disconnected from everything and everyone. That must be a nostalgia moment for you thinking back on those days with your partner in crime. Those are rare with kids (trust me I know). It’s nice to know that there is a place you can just let your thoughts wander, especially with your loved ones 🙂


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