Author Journey

Writers Block & How to Get Through It

As writers, we all hit the wall.

Sometimes the words just don’t flow as easily as we’d like. We push and scrape to try and get ourselves motivated again but, nothing seems to work. It’s times like these when you really need to put on the breaks and press the refresh button on your mind.

Here are some helpful tips that have helped me get back in the game when writer’s block hits hard.

Detach yourself from your WIP. Completely walk away from it for a few days and distract yourself with something else. Maybe there is another story cooking and simmering in your mind that you haven’t had a chance to outline yet. Or perhaps you need to catch up on some reading or another creative project. Whatever it is that best suits your fancy, pulling yourself out of your WIP world and into another can really help you wipe the word slate clean and come back to your work with a clear, fresh perspective.

Start writing from a different perspective. Cycle through your supportive characters and tell the story through their eyes for a change. This doesn’t have to be something you include in your WIP, but trying to gain insight from another character perspective can sometimes really help those creative gears get grinding.

Open up about your WIP. This is something I was afraid to do for a long time. I never told my husband about my WIP until recently. Then, I plucked up the courage and did it and he had a lot of great suggestions on where I could take the story. It was scary to open the doors and let him see the world I was creating, but it helped! His ideas sparked some really amazing things that I would have never thought to add had I not asked him about it.

Meditate. Honestly, I think everyone should meditate anyway but it’s bliss when you can just clear your mind to redirect your flow of energy. Meditation is a powerful thing. Sometimes you just need to redirect the funk to get back in the writing flow. Find a quiet place, pop on the headphones or just listen to the sounds of nature. Whatever helps you get in the zone, releasing all the stress, not just from writing, can be very effective.

So there are a couple of my go-to’s to help get over the writer’s block hump.

What are some ways you get back in the flow? I would love to hear what tricks you have up your sleeve.

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May Sol’s light shine within you –



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