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Character Spotlight: Ren

Anti-Hero Spotlight!

Ren spotlight! So excited to take a deeper look at my anti-hero for book 1.

When our heroes first meet Ren, he is a washed up ex-dragonslayer drowning himself in ale to escape from old memories. One of the most renowned dragonslayers ever known (known more widely as Rendell the Wretched), Ren’s purpose has become clouded and lost in his own raw view of reality.

Our main MC’s take the opportunity to employ him as their guide through the vast lands that is Joro. Being ruled by his own ambitions, Ren does not refuse their coin and asks little questions.

“There’s no safe distance between yourself and a dragon. We’ll be safe when it’s dead.”

At this point in our tale, the role of dragonslayer has been erased from society. Before the creation of the Dragon Guard, Dragonslayers were a prosperous profession. Kings, lords, and villages would gainfully employ those men and women brave enough to hunt and slay these threatening creatures from causing harm and destruction. Once the king decided to form his own army against the Drakarians, dragonslayers were outlawed and their titles stripped.

Most dragonslayers either joined the guard themselves or left Joro forever. Those that refused to abandon their profession were blackmailed, scapegoated, and humiliated into abandoning their calling forever. Unfortunately, Ren’s fate was to be one of those lucky few.

Like most anti-heroes, Ren is a complicated man.

Ren is a man living in a kingdom that chewed him up and spat him out without remorse. He is plagued by the demons of his past, which he hides from by clouding his mind of the memories he carries. He is in a state of constant survival, not caring if he actually lives.

He doesn’t pity himself, but it makes him a very bitter person. Despite all that, he carries a code that still leaks through his actions.

The battle he continuously forged between his heart and his pride seemed to riddle his every step.”


Born and raised in the city of Jar, Ren’s age is unknown though with his worldly experience, he is most likely in his early 30’s. He has long wavy brown hair and a strong brow with distinguishing features. He is rugged and a bit surly. Well built, a seasoned traveler and of course, expert Dragonslayer. His specialty is dual wielding, brandishing two axes as his weapons of choice.

He only cares about himself.

Ren is one of those fellows who does everything only for himself. If there is nothing in it for him, it is not worth doing. Despite his stubbornness and pride, there are some shreds of goodness left in him. His code of honor is something that cannot entirely be erased from his person. He’s really just a lost soul looking for a purpose. Something worth fighting for that is not gold or a flagon full of ale. Letting people in is exceptionally hard for him and he is constantly at war with himself over doing what is right for him and what is right for others.

“Sometimes life just likes to torture you. Likes to watch you crawl on yer hands n’ knees begging for the end.”

Let me know what you think of Ren!

He is the “Logan” of my series and I adore him for it! (for those who don’t know, Hugh Jackman is my celebrity husband). I don’t know if I would want to be associated with him in real life, but I would definitely want him on my team if I was facing a hard fight. Thanks for reading!

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