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What Type of Writer Are You?

Hoping to share some aspiring writers out there some words writing wisdom…

Do you feel you need a clear, distinct path?

This falls under the category of what type of writer you are; a planner or a pantser.

The quinticential definition of a Planner is someone who maps out their entire novel, from start to finish. They know all the major plot points, has every character developed to the T, and keep themselves organized with maps, boards, and post-it notes during the writing process.

J.K Rowling is up there as the top planner’s of the era. She meticulously molded and shaped every aspect of her book so that she would never lose steam and know exactly where her next step would turn up.

For planners, their path is set. They know what road to turn down and how to avoid every obstacle. Maybe every so often they hit a snag, but they can get right back on their feet again.

I am definitely NOT a planner.

I am 100% a Pantser, which means that I run by the seat of my pants (basically).

Stephen King is the most well-known and prestigious pantser there is. He says something that really gives a clear example of what writing is:

Stories are like fossils. You find a piece of one and start to carefully unearth the rest of it. When you first discover the fossil, you don’t know what the final specimen will look like.

-Stephen King


For pantsers, the path is the adventure. It doesn’t have to be clear of fog or debris. It’s the thrill of discovery that helps shape the story.

So what tree do you fall from?

I’d love to hear how you like to plan (or not plan) your writing journey. Drop a comment and lets chat!

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You – 

1 thought on “What Type of Writer Are You?”

  1. I’d like to say I’m a total “Pantser” too but I have been thinking of my story for the past 20 or so years. So I do already have all the major plot points and turning events in my head…BUT, all the in-between stuff I’m still making up as I go along.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to improve on my planning and get myself more organized – only because MS Word just isn’t doing it for me anymore lol. I’ve moved to Scrivener just to declutter a little and I’m finding it helpful so far but it’s taking some getting used to.

    My wife just finished telling me I incorporate too much detail in my work, so I need to fix that. But again, I’d say I’m mostly a pantser. The idea of making a huge board of tags and markers and whatever, to keep on top of things, sounds more frustrating and time-consuming than writing my actual book If I ever get to J.K. Rowling’s stage of stardom, then maybe I’ll consider structuring my series properly. 😉


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