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Character Spotlight: Amalya

Another Main Character Spotlight!

It’s time to meet my other MC to kick-off Camp Nanowrimo.

I can honestly say, Amalya is NOT the most tolerable character in my series BUT she is one of my main. That doesn’t mean her journey is any less important. In fact, I think her journey IS the most important and the reason she is one of my main characters.

“There’s a fire inside of her. Snuff it out.”

Amalya is Arthur’s younger sister. As a small child, she was afflicted with Sol Sickness, a rare condition that leaves her sensitive to the light of the sun (who is Sol in this world). She lived most of her life covered from head to toe, and not being allowed outside without her cloak to shield her. This has left Amalya incredibly anxious. She longs to break out of her cage and live the life she wants.

She looks up to Arthur and idolizes her father.

When she receives the letter from their father, something ignites inside of her. She is determined to rescue him, no matter the sacrifice. It’s the excuse she is telling herself for a chance to finally find the life she’s always longed for. Her stubbornness proceeds her and weighs heavily on Arthur, who fights a constant battle to keep her from causing unwanted trouble. She is stubborn, irrational and rather annoying at times.

“He was dreading the day she would see what he sees.”


Hailing from the City of Rau, Amalya is 17 years old. She had long dark red hair that she wears mostly in a braid. She has pale, porcelain-like skin and unusual gold colored eyes.  She has little fighting experience but learns how to fight with a bow and sword while on the quest to find her father.

Amalya has an impulsive heart.

Her desire to be like her father, a brave and noble warrior dedicating her life to protecting the innocent lives. She jumps at the chance to help without considering the consequences of her actions. Amalya has a good heart but she doesn’t know how to find balance. She is ruled by her emotions and not her mind. Finding her purpose is a constant battle between what she feels to be the right thing.

“The spell that was cast was one of her own making; it was so obvious she was blind to it.”

Thanks for checking out Amalya!

Amalya is one of those characters that really becomes something she never thought she would be. It’s amazing to tell her story of discovery, hardship, love, loss, and power. I hope when you read about her, you will both love and hate her. The idea is to create a character you can’t stand and watch them come to terms with who they are, what they need to do and how they do it.

Don’t forget to check out her brother Arthur too!

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