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Marin & The White Dragon

Some fantasy tales refer to a savior of some kind; a prophet.

Someone who made a lasting impact in a particular place that everyone remembers and respects.

In A Tale of Joro series, this universal savior is known as the Lady Marin (MARE-IN). I wanted to share her story of who she is and why she became infused into the minds and hearts of both man and dragon.

It was well into the First Dragon Wars…

There was death and strife. Both man and Drakarian were suffering from the onslaught of chaos and carnage brought on by the mad Kind Aethelwulf and his need to destroy the guardians of Joro.

In a small town not too far from the sea, a young woman named Marin lived a simple life. Nothing was expected of her aside from finding a husband to settle down with and be a good wife. She did not come from a noble family, but her father worked as a tradesman in the port city of Mare, which gave them a comfortable life.

Everything changed the day the Dragon came. Swooping down on wings of fire, descending across the sea like a blade cutting through flesh. The city of Mare was decimated, left to ruin. The small town in which she dwelled burned to ash and her famly gone.

Marin was swallowed up into the bowels of the Dragon Wars. Ruled by a new found hatred for dragons, she became a healer for the king’s army, binding the wounded and nursing the burned bodies of the kingdoms men at arms.

One day, the army was traveling north along the seacoast when a terrible storm hit. Marin had become separated from the caravan and took shelter in the outskirts of the Forest of Andi’. It was there that something found her. Something she did not expect.

Depiction of Marin and the White Dragon (image from Pinterest)

The elegant white dragon. So fair, so terrifying that it both chilled her bones and warmed her heart.

Marin had fallen in love with a creature she had vowed to help destroy. A soul that was said to be soulless. A mind that was said to be merciless.

They stayed together and lived in the safety of the trees. The White Dragon would tell her grand stories of the days of old when Drakarian’s first adopted mankind to nuture and protect. She would sing to him, stroke his long beveled neck and sleep against his warm pale body.

Their love birthed a new kind of magic; created from the flesh of both man and dragon.

Their life of peace only lasted a few short years before they were discovered. Man came swooping down upon them. The White Dragon fought them bravely to protect his beloved, but to no avail. He was slain right before her eyes. No amount of comfort could extinguish the sorrow that continued to well up inside her. She mourned by his body for 3 days and 3 nights.

In her grief, Marin became an exile. Living only to live.

In her wanderings she saw what this war was doing to its people. The land was stripped bare. Fields once ripe with Sol’s light now acted as a final resting place for so many lives that were taken too soon. She listened to the stories, felt the pain of those who mourned for lost loved ones and saw the anger and hatred that was beginning to build in the hearts and minds of every man, woman, and child subjected to the kings madness.

Unlike so many, she knew that peace was possible. She had found love in the heart of a dragon and it created something far more magical than anything ever known.

Marin took a stand.

She began to teach those suffering and wounded souls the power of what she had found. Her message of love resonated and spread across the kingdom like dragon fire. Peace was beginning to form in the mouths of nonbelievers. It was possible again because Marin had shown them the way.

The king would not be swayed by such fantasies.

After slaying the Dragon Lord of Vatni, he ushered his armies to take a final stand against the Drakarian threat. Upon the fields of the the southern most tip of Joro, the final armies of man and Drakarian stood. Marin saw this moment as the final chance at peace. If they did not see it now, they would never find it.

She made for the battlefield and made her plea. The Drakarians saw that she was true. That this magic she had discovered was real. It was possible to forgive and grow from the ashes of war. But King Aethlwulf was not so easily persuaded.

So Marin made the ultimate sacrifice.

She gave her life to show man the error of their ways. In her death, the General of the King’s army raised his sword against Aethelwulf, killing him where he stood.

Peace was possible. Marin had shown them the way.

Marin is in the mouths and hearts of both man & Drakarians. Throughout the story, she is referenced in the common tongue, as a deity and a prophet.

I hope you enjoyed this little tid-bit from my tale.

Do you have a a prophet like character or story in your book or WIP?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


2 thoughts on “Marin & The White Dragon”

  1. Wow, so is your WIP about her or is this just a history lesson of a prophet in your WIP? If you already mentioned this above and I missed it then I apologize. I was about to say I never thought of any prophets in my WIP but that’s actually not true. I just never realized that I have any until now…hmm, this got me thinking.

    I really liked this short tale of tragedy and inspiration. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is just a little back story into a very important figure of Joro. Throughout the story, they use her name in the expression a lot (kinda like people use ‘God’ or ‘Jesus Christ’). I just wanted to bring a little insight into some backstory as far as that goes. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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