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What you NEED to pay for as an Indie Author

The road to publication can be an expensive one.

There are so many factors that come with creating a book that not only you are happy with, but marketing and selling as well. If you choose to go the indie route, there are a lot more expenses you need to consider with publishing a book.

I have not reached the full scope of milestones in my author journey, but I HAVE researched and seen what you actually NEED to pay to get your book right.

Book Editing

This is a MUST for any road you take, self-publishing or traditional. You need to have your book edited well and perhaps multiple times. Finding a book editor can be expensive, so you need to make sure you are finding the right one for your book. Make sure they specialize in your genre, check references and always get a sample edit done.

You want to make sure you are getting your money worth so it’s important to find an editor that fits YOU.

Book Cover Design

Unless you are an artist and designing your own cover, giving your book a professional facelift is crucial. I wish the term, ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ was true. The truth is, we ALL JUDGE a book by its cover. If it isn’t visually appealing, we pass it by. Finding the right designer is just as important as finding an editor. You want to look at their portfolio, make sure they fit your genre and can translate the feeling of your book well.

This is a step I have yet to take on my book writing journey, but if I choose to go the self-publishing route, I am very excited to take this step.

Book Marketing

This is a MUST for self-publishing authors and one that is crucial to having a successful book launch. You need to do your diligence and make everything falls into place. Marketing can be a harrowing task, but important. Make sure you have a plan in place and implement it step by step. This includes setting your launch date, running ads and social media marketing campaigns, connecting with your audience, if your book will be digital only or be released in book stores etc.

A lot goes into marketing a book (some I still have yet to figure out) so having a mentor or hiring someone who specializes in book marketing might be another expense you need to think about.

Here is a great resource for what to consider when marketing your book.

I hope you found this post helpful! Have you done any of these steps for your book? If so, leave your experience down in the comments!

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –

1 thought on “What you NEED to pay for as an Indie Author”

  1. The marketing part is what scares me the most. I’m not much of a Facebook person anymore and the only other social media apps I really use are Instagram and Youtube…oh and Twitter but that’s all automatic. But I’ll be sure to remember this blog when I get to that point, look up the link you provided. 🙂

    Otherwise, I don’t have much of a gameplan in place, not yet. I’ll get there sooner or later.


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