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Character Spotlight: Orrin

Was looking forward to this character spotlight!

It’s time to meet one of the Drakarian Sons of Joro.

(I know the featured image has blue eyes, but everything else about that art is perfect. Captured via Pinterest)

I’ve been looking forward to sharing more about Orrin. He is one of those characters that has evolved so much as I write this book series. Before, he was just a guardian, with not much of a role at all except to support Amalya towards her destiny. Like most characters tend to do, as I was writing him, I felt he was just so flat. There wasn’t much about him that made him stand out or seem like anyone would care about him. It wasn’t until I made a HUGE shift for the ending of my series that his role shifted.

” There was a secret hidden behind those blood-red eyes; something she did not fully understand.”

Orrin is the second son of Herra Bruninn Mælikvarða (Lord of Great Fire Scales), the Dragon Lord of Eldur. He grew up with 4 other brothers in the Eldur mountains. He is half dragon, half human, or as humans call them, Drekkin. The bonding between dragon and man was something that arose from the ending of the First Dragon Wars (click to read that post). Drekkin are born in human form but have to ability to transform into a dragonlike humanoid after they complete their awakening. They also possess a few unique abilities that stem from the magic of their fathers.

Drekkin acted as the connection between man and dragon.

Orrin first meets Amalya after she takes refuge in a cave overnight during a row with Ren. She wakes up to find Orrin standing before her, sticking the tip of his sword to her neck. He takes her captive, tying her hands with rope and leading her to some undisclosed location. Amalya realizes he is Drekkin on the first night she spends under his care.

“He looked almost perfect, as if chiseled from stone. His long white hair shimmering like silk in the dark. Unnatural red eyes piercing through her, capturing her soul.”

He has been living in exile for the past 50 years. Banished from his home and his people for committing an act of treason, Giving in to his human emotions and murdering his older brother.

Orrin’s age is unknown, but since Drekkin were not created until after the First Dragon Wars, he is between 80-150 years old. He has long silvery white hair and blood red eyes. He has a lean build, with a strong will and arm. He is a skilled swordsman.

He is honorable, despite his shortcomings.

Drekkin are raised for the single purpose to do what is right for both man and dragon. Certain aspects of their humanity are extracted at a young age, so they only carry those that aid in their duties. Orrin is constantly at war with his emotions. He has acted on human jealousy, which took the life of his brother. He has spent the last 50 years repenting for his sins, helping those in need with his selfless heart. He is complicated, loyal and mysterious. Most of his people see him as a loose cannon, just waiting to go off again.

They got a code, morals, they know the difference between right and wrong.”

Thanks for taking a peek at Orrin!

He has become one of the most complicated characters to write, but his story is incredible. It can be very hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, especially when Orrin’s real battle in internal. Drekkin have been thought to suppress certain human emotions, so his shortcomings affect him greatly and are constantly leading his decisions. What is truly right? What is truly wrong? Orrin really steals my heart, and I love him for it.

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2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Orrin”

  1. Mælikvarða – I don’t even want to try pronouncing this, I’ll only hurt myself trying lol.

    There are only a handful of characters I truly care about in my series. Not to say I don’t care about ALL of them but only a select few touch my heart in a way that would break it should any harm come to them. Orrin sounds like a complicated character and reminds me of my character – Mako. Her first impression alone will most likely turn you off and she has a slew of personality flaws. But if you learn her backstory, knew where she came from and how she got here, spent enough time with her, you’d find out she’s really not a bad person at all. You just have to give her that chance (and you need a lot of patience for that).

    Anyway, I figure Orrin is the same (though I really have no idea) he just sounds similar. Give him the chance and you’ll discover he’s actually a pretty awesome person. Thanks for posting about him. 🙂


    1. I know that name is…complicated. I have a hard time pronouncing it!

      Orrin is, for the most part, a very good soul. The way dragonborns are raised, he thinks he is broken. I can’t imagine living a life where everything that I am naturally feeling is considered wrong. He is constantly pushing and chaining back his natural self. It’s sad. Pin that down with how the majority of the human race believes them to be, and he is utterly trapped. I don’t know if Mako is the same, but she sounds pretty on par with Orrin. Appreciate the comments as always! You rock!

      Liked by 1 person

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