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Music that Inspires My Writing

Writing isn’t a silent venture.

There is always something going on in our minds or being taken in through our senses that influences the words we write on the page. For me, music is a muse that helps me harness certain emotions, build tension and create some of the most difficult or bloodthirsty moments.

Everyone has their own unique tastes as far as what inspires them to write. Here are 5 of my favorite musical inspirations (in no particular order) that I find to be truly an influence in my work:


The Fountain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:
Clint Mansell, Mogwai, Kronos Quartet

This film directed by one of my all-time favorite directors Darren Aronofsky affected my soul and moved me in ways I would have never expected. It’s truly a work of art that taps into our inner fears surrounding death. The story is amazing, but the soundtrack is what REALLY harnesses you and takes you on a journey through music. Compromised by one of my favorite score composers Clint Mansell and a top tier post-rock band Mogwai,Β it brings you to the place of the characters’ emotions letting you feel all the feels and experiencing everything there is with wonder and awe. An amazing soundtrack that could inspire any kind of writing.

Listen to the entire soundtrack Here



Here enters an amazing solo artist by the name of Justin Taylor Phillips (aka Crywolf). He started off as a dubstep artist in 2012 but through his life abroad and discovering his hobby was vastly becoming his passion, he stepped into the role of musician full time and created something entirely new with his music. Crywolf is labeled Electronica now, but honestly, it feels like so much more than that. It’s not only the beats and sounds he creates that grab you, but his voice and words carry you into a story all their own. A rare and amazing artist that helps me develop the most complicated moments and shed the most indescribable tears I have ever had the joy to write.

Check out his YouTube channel Here


The Last Samurai Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:
Hans Zimmer

Zimmer needs no introduction, but did you know that when brought on to compose music for the film, he had never experienced traditional Japanese music? Hans Zimmer quickly dove into Japanese music culture to create one of the most compelling soundtracks (at least I feel) to this day. The film was incredible with some of the best acting and development I have ever seen in the cinema (Watanabe was ROBBED of his Oscar for this role)! The score utilizes Japanese traditional instruments with subtly yet they harness the most powerful impact. When you can listen to a score and relive the entire story in your mind, you know you stumbled upon composing gold.

Take a peek at the soundtrack suite Here



Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid) is a French music video director who took a stab at writing and composing his own musical identity. If the uniqueness of his voice doesn’t get you, his music surely will. Another prime example of a beautifully woven story with every strike of a cord. You can just close your eyes and get lost in the beats, orchestrations, acoustics, and lyrics of music with meaning. I am not really sure what you would label this type of music. It’s a cross between post-rock and neofolk. Whatever it is, its music to write to. It either infuses me with energy or sends me down a spiraling hole of despair. My characters come alive with every minute of the beautiful sounds he creates.

Check out his YouTube channel Here


Mass Effect 3 Video Game Soundtrack:
Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco, Sam Hulick, Christopher Lennertz, Clint Mansell, Faunts

In case you do not already know, I am a HUGE Mass Effect Fan. I played the trilogy multiple times with multiple characters and could keep playing it over and over and over again and again (did I say that enough times)? The first 2 video game scores were originally composed by Sam Hulick and Jack Wall, which were amazing without a doubt, but there was something about the 3rd that really struck at my heartstrings more and helped me dive into some of the most emotional scenes I have ever written. Perhaps it was because it was the last game in the trilogy and just the notion that it would end when I finally finished the playthrough sent me spiraling into Sombertown. Whatever the reason, this soundtrack blew me away to the point of no return. If you are a fan of sci-fi and RPGs, play this game. It will create something amazing for you, I guarantee it.

Listen to the entire soundtrack Here

What music inspires you when you write?

I am always open to listening to new tunes to help get those inspirational juices flowing. Drop your favorites down in the comments! I’d love to take a listen.

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


3 thoughts on “Music that Inspires My Writing”

  1. Well, I definitely don’t need to tell you what music inspires me πŸ˜‰ But as for your selections, I haven’t listened to any of these musicians or composers (except Hans Zimmer, of course) yet. I actually own “The Last Samurai” soundtrack – only because I loved the movie so much – I just bought the soundtrack on a whim. You know what’s weird though? I haven’t listened to it yet. I have no idea why. I’m going to after I’m done typing all this.

    As for Mass Effect, it’s on Steam so I’m going to buy it once a sale comes into effect (it’s on my wishlist). I’m going to play it and keep you posted on how it “effects” me. Ah? See what I did there? Or would it be “affect” in this case? Oh damn…I’m supposed to be an author. πŸ˜›

    I’ll have to watch “The Fountain” now, I never even heard of the film. Crywolf and Woodkid – same – I haven’t heard of them until now. Actually, you did mention Crywolf before. I’ll need to look them up.

    Thanks for this post, I’m always looking for new music.


    1. You need to keep me posted once Mass Effect is started. I want a beginning middle and end report from you as soon as you dive in! The Fountain is a great film. It’s not what most people think it is. Honestly, I see it as a living work of art. But it’s powerful. Really hits you in the gut at times. You may have to watch it more than once to really understand what is going on.

      thanks for being my #1 fan sir!


      1. omg I’m only seeing this response now, I suck. I’ll cave and buy Mass Effect soon (sale or not), I just finished Valkyria Chronicles 4 and the Resident Evil 2 remake is way too damn expense (and will be for a while). I’ll keep you posted on that.

        The Fountain – I’ll keep in mind for sure. I haven’t bothered making an effort to watch too many films lately – I’ve just been disappointed one too many times. I’m getting old and cranky. But since you recommended this one, I’ll give it a shot soon.

        Oh and, just an FYI, with my blog, it won’t let me reply directly to comments for some stupid reason. I did reply to one of your comments there, but you probably had no idea because Wix sucks for commenting.

        Hey, I hope I maintain that #1 status, I love your work, the short stories and this main one you’re working on. I can’t wait to read it.


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