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The Witches of Joro

Dragons and humans are the main crux of my current fantasy WIP.

They are two separate species, but there is an in-between, which is what this post is all about. The Witches of Joro play an incredible roll throughout the series. When I first started writing and coming up with what was inhabiting this world, I wanted to have the element of magic somewhere in the human world. Witches seemed like the ideal fit, but not the classic big nosed, broom flying, black cat loving kind. I’ll save those for Halloween tales.


What is a Witch of Joro?

Witches are humans who are born with specific gifts that go beyond the abilities of normal human understanding and accomplishment. There is no rhyme or reason for being born with these said abilities. They happen randomly and only to females. These powers are not the flashy magic we find in Harry Potter. They are grounded in the human psyche and mostly represent elemental magic.

All witch powers are unique to the individual. While some are more prominent than others, most witches have one ability that is specific to them and can only be harnessed by them. The most common powers include mind reading, power of persuasion, enhanced hearing or eyesight, energy reading, heightened intuition, etc.

Other commonplace abilities come with practice and learning, such as understanding and possessing influence over the natural elements, communicating with nature, and advanced healing and alchemy.

Witches paint and adorn themselves with what nature provides them. They are master trackers, nimble and agile, and all wield staffs that help them harness the power of the elements.

Before the First Dragon War…

Witches were held in high esteem by the kingdom for hundreds of years. The hierarchy of witches are those called Mothers, who are the eldest, wisest and most powerful in their order. Certain mothers were given positions throughout the kingdom, including the prestigious honor of becoming the Grand Enchanter, which was the personal alchemist and magic wielder of the king.

Witches beliefs are tied to the earth. They are spiritual beings and deeply connected to the creators. Because of this, they worship and pay homage to the Drakarian (aka dragons), who were created to be the caretakers of the earth.

When the war began, witches were the first to become the target of the king. He murdered hundreds, including the Grand Enchanter. They were then exiled, cast out for their deep-rooted beliefs and loyalty to the dragons.

When the war finally ended, witches were not accepted back into the fold as they once were. They never returned to the hierarchy they once possessed and had a difficult time adjusting back into society. When the king began to revive the onslaught of the dragons 200 years after the First Dragon Wars, witches had already established themselves outside of normal society.

nature forest trees park

Witches in Joro now live peaceful lives in the safety of their sanctuaries.

Those born with magical abilities are still killed or exiled to this day. Anyone who survives seek out one of the witch sanctuaries, where a majority of witches live. There are 3 in Joro, each hidden and protected by magic and away from human influence. A Witch Mother is appointed to the highest position of each, but all its inhabitants have an influence in some way.

They keep to themselves, only venturing beyond the safety of their homes to find and rescue other witches struggling to survive in an unforgiving world.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Witches of Joro!

Don’t forget to check out the witch Namari, one of the characters in my Joro series.

Are there any magic wielders in your current WIP?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You – 

1 thought on “The Witches of Joro”

  1. So there are very few witches left in the world or there is a massive community in hiding? Orrrrr you can’t tell me, I’ll just have to wait for the book to come out? 😛

    Are the witches tied to religion or religious beings? Guardians of the planet, sort of deal?

    When it comes to writing, you’re very spontaneous, I remember you saying that, right? When writing scenes, you come up with ideas on the fly or do you have them already planned out? Or a combination of the two?

    Okay, that’s enough questions from me today. 😛


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