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Character Spotlight: Donnik

Time to Meet the Antagonist

Bad guys aren’t necessarily bad, right?

Sir Donnik is the First Commander of the king’s Dragon Guard. The Guard was established a few decades past to aid the king in his conquest over the Drakarians. The Dragon Guards sole purpose is to hunt down the Drakarian threat and all those who support them.

“Perhaps Ser Donnik was waiting for them to come to see if he had reason to suspect. Now, he did.”

We first meet Donnik when our siblings travel to Castle Joro, the capital city, to inform the guard about their father’s recent abandonment. Arthur immediately regrets the attempt to thwart the commander in searching for their father, when Donnik confirms that their father had done no such thing. He secretly pursues them, waiting for the chance to stop them on their quest and discover, for certainty, if his suspicions around Amalya are true.

Donnik is smart, cunning, and a tad sadistic.

There is not much known about Donnik’s upbringing until he joins the Guard. He quickly made his way up the ranks after proving his worth to the king, who holds him in high esteem for his strategic genius and unfailing dedication. Donnik has had no personal run-ins with the Drakarian that would explain his aversion towards them. He is a man of duty and extremely loyal to the kingdom.

“You have done your job… Go home with your gold and your pride while you still have both intact.


Donnik Knight GuardDonnik is a seasoned fighter, most likely in his mid-40’s. He has short dark hair and a full beard. He’s of average height with a stocky build. He wears bronze plated armor, dented from years of use but etched with patterns surrounding the official dragon and sword seal of the Dragon Guard. His weapon of choice is the broad sword. He wears a few scars on his face from his many encounters with the Drakarian threat.

Donnik is not a lap dog.

One of my biggest struggles with establishing Donnik’s character is to distinguish him as having his own mind and not just being some underling of the king. Donnik is smart and got to where he is for a reason. He is incredibly cunning, always able to be one step ahead of his enemy. He is definitely an ally you would want on your side of a fight. He isn’t irrational and knows how to handle any given situation. In a way, he keeps the king in check.

Thanks for checking out Donnik!

He is quite a worthy adversary to our little band of misfits. I am still trying to tie a few loose ends with him as far as character development goes. Like I stated before, I don’t want him to just be a side-kick to the king. Looking at him from a logical perspective, he would probably be a better king than Ulfrick currently is.

Don’t forget to check out her brother Arthur too!

1 thought on “Character Spotlight: Donnik”

  1. “He would probably be a better king than Ulfrick currently is.” Is that foreshadowing there? It’s better to have a difficult, frustrating villain than an annoying, predictable one. This guy sounds like the former. By frustrating, I mean, I have a feeling that there will be many occasions when you want to see what’s coming to him, but he’ll always manage to best the heroes and avert defeat. This is all hypothetical though, I have clearly have no clue. 😛 I can’t wait to read this. 🙂


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