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Unexpected Love Story

I know, I am a bit redonkulous ( no, that is NOT a typo).

This month, I have been obsessed with entering this writing contest. I’ve never entered any of my writing into a competition before. The process was very stressful at first, so stressful that I overshot the word count by 1k words the first time around. I literally wrote a short story I couldn’t enter and didn’t have the heart to cut down.

Back to the drawing board…

While listening to tunes on YouTube, I came across this band that kind of sparked the need to revisit a story I wrote ages ago…. probably when I first started writing the Joro Series back in 2012. So, In I dove into this NY love story to craft my contest entry into a tale of unexpected love.

This is the song that started it all…

We’re Going Downtown is a story about a girl named Rachel living in NY, happily in a 3-year relationship with her bubbly impulsive girlfriend Gabby, and enjoying life in the big city. When she finds herself in an unexpected situation alone in a music studio with Dez, a good friend of Gabby and the lead singer of an underground punk band, something starts to happen that she thought never could.

Rachel finds herself trapped within her own identity, between who she is and who she thought she was, left to discover if there are really no boundaries when it comes to love.

SinsoftheFlesh_cover (1)

The story is LIVE on Wattpad and would LOVE to get some honest feedback on it before I submit it for the deadline on June 21st (click on the image to above).

I plan on running through it one more time before hitting the send button, so THANK YOU in advance if you decide to dive into it.

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Love Story”

  1. Ah, so you couldn’t enter the contest after all? I’m guessing it’s too late to do so now or are you making a new story entirely? What contest are you entering anyway? Sorry if you mentioned this before and if I forgot.

    That song was oddly satisfying too. I say odd because I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first, it seemed so monotone and drab to start, but as it went on, it developed this energy that seemed to jive with me. Maybe I’m overthinking it, I don’t know. Thanks for sharing it.

    As for the Downtown love story, it’s amazing and hit close to home. I look forward to all the short stories you write and I look forward to the next one. Whether it be graphically violent or innocently sweet, you seem to have a talent with all forms of writing. 🙂


    1. Thank you sir! This story I AM entering, it was the last one I wrote that was too long. I’m surprised you enjoyed the song, but I had the same reaction you did when I first heard it. It wasn’t sure if it was something I liked until the second verse. Then, I ended up listening to the rest of their music and forget it, I’m addicted. It’s surely not something you can listen to every day bc it carries this somber tone, but that makes for great writing! Especially when developing those sad moments.

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