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The Tale of the Lost Dragon Lord

This is a fairly new legend in Joro that has only been circulating throughout the kingdom for the past 15 years or so.

The importance of this story is that it is GREATLY entwined with the lives of the series siblings, Arthur & Amalya.



A tale is told of a Dragon Lord who fell in love with the wife of a farmer.

He disguised himself as a human, as all dragon lords do when they wish to woo and capture the heart of an innocent. With fiendish intent, he infiltrated their lives, corrupted her, and poisoned her heart with his vicious, obsessive love.

But his love was not enough to keep her.

The woman, though stricken with his plague, was loyal to her husband and family. When the Dragon Lord learned that she was with child, he became consumed with fire and hatred. He wanted no one to have her; no one but himself. So he kidnapped her whilst she carried her unborn and locked her away inside his fortress deep within the mountains.

The farmer called upon of the Dragon Guard. With their superior skill, they aided him in tracking down the Dragon Lord and his secret abode. Braving the elements and the fires of the angry beast, he fought his way deep into the mountain in hopes of finding his wife and child.

A terrible war between the Dragon Lord and the guard broke out so immense, the mountain began to collapse around him. The farmer, having failed to locate his lost love, escaped with his life as the Dragon Lord’s mountain lair crumbled and buried the beast and all that he claimed to love. Only the dragon’s severed arm could be found amongst the wreckage.

The farmer’s wife and the unborn child never arose from the ashes of that day.

Since then, the ghostly shape of a three-armed Dragon can be seen combing the skies in hopes of finding what was taken from him.

The farmer was never heard from again. Some say he was stricken mad with grief and became a recluse. Others claim that hatred consumed his soul, aiding in his blind search for the ghost of the Lost Dragon Lord that still continues to haunt the skies of Joro.

Thanks for reading this short little legend! I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you have any legends and stories your characters tell around a campfire?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You – 

2 thoughts on “The Tale of the Lost Dragon Lord”

  1. I can totally picture an RPG opening with this tale. It’ll have that deep-voiced, epic narration with historic, subtle imagery – to give you an idea of what happened. As you play, you fill in the blanks. You should pitch it to a video game company of some sort (not that I have ANY idea how to do that or who you’d pitch it to). That’s always been one of my dreams…to turn my series into an awesome RPG. Ahhhh ya never know…maybe someday we’ll both get that.

    I’d ask more questions about this tale but I KNOW I won’t get the answers just yet. 😉


    1. I picture this in anime form on default but an RPG sounds just as AMAZING! Thanks for creating the visual, now to dream and hope it happens 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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