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3 Things That Make a Good Book Cover

Let’s face it, we all judge books by their cover.

That saying is old news, because 9 times out of 10, we decide to pick up a book based on what we see on the cover.

So what do you need to create a compelling cover?

Images & Tone: In order to carry over the natural feel of your book, you need to make sure the images (if you use any) and overall tone of your cover are eye-catching and compelling. For example, most romance books have an image of a person or couple in a specific pose and dressed in certain garb that fits the timeline of the story. Right off the bat, it gives the readers a glimpse of who the story is about and when it takes place. That alone can be a grabbing point for someone to wrap their fingers around it.

Title: The title needs to fit the overall feel of your book. This might not be as easy as it sounds, so write down multiple ways you can title your book. Think of important phrases or twists your story provides and see if you can construct a compelling title that not only gives the reader a glimpse of what it’s about but leaves them wanting to discover more about it.


Choosing the right font is so important! Using romance again, most of the titles are printed with scripted or fonts with a feminine feel. For mystery and thriller, usually, the font is a block style or slightly angled. Next time you’re in the book store, pay close attention to the font style. You’ll be surprised how certain fonts match certain genres.

Colors: Color sets the mood for your book. Utilizing the cover can give the reader an idea of what sort of emotions they will experience throughout the read. Darker tones usually give a sense of mystery or foreboding whilst lighter tones give a sense of comedy, joy, and love. Obviously, they can be left up to speculation. You know your story better than anyone, so make sure you use colors that convey what you want your readers to connect with.

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1 thought on “3 Things That Make a Good Book Cover”

  1. I know what type of cover I’d want for my first few books but my wife seems to disagree with me. Well, I guess she doesn’t necessarily “disagree” but has other suggestions. Since I’m not an avid reader, I suppose taking her (and now your) suggestions might be the better way to go lol. I’m still quite a ways away from worrying about this. Still, this post is helpful, I’ll remember this when it comes time to make a cover. Thanks!


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