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The Curse of the Drekkin

“It is said that a Drekkin can become that from which the darkness is created. A creature stripped away to the cold bones of nightmares; menacing and unwilling to compromise except when the solution is death.”

Borik the Skald

I have stated before that Drekkin, those with a Drakarian father and human mother, was first created in the aftermath of the First Dragon Wars.

After Marin sacrificed her life to show that peace was possible between God and Man, the Dragon Lords took it upon themselves to marry and produce sons with humans. Those sons are the Drekkin.

Usually pristine in appearance with stunning features and always strong and vibrantly brandishing the mark of their father’s lordship by the color of their eyes.

Drekkin are not immortal but are blessed with unnaturally long life. Illness does not burden them, nor do the elements set loose to ravage the kingdom. They have the ability to heal and regenerate to an extent. Raised to be chivalrous, selfless and honorable; they were bred to protect the innocent from the cruel nature of man and dragon.

Despite their honorable nature and code to only act justly, there is something that men fear from them above all else.


The Að Uppgötva, translated into the common tongue as Discovering, is a test that all Drekkin must take in order to receive the full extent of their powers. Once they are of age, The Dragon Lords throw their sons into a vigorous training routine in which they exercise both their minds and body to prepare themselves for the Að Uppgötva.

Once they are deemed worthy to face the challenge, they must enter an unforeseen realm in which only those able to harness the true powers of magic may enter. This alternate dimension manifests the obstacles the challenger must face based on their weaknesses, fears, and utmost regrets.

No two Að Uppgötva are the same.

Time passes differently here; what may be an entire day in this world would be mere hours to those deep in Að Uppgötva. There is no limit on when they must succeed. The only telling of conquering the Að Uppgötva and being worthy of your full awakening is if you return from the veil.

Once they do, Drekkin may fully embrace their true form, a terrible winged beast with fitted scales, taloned hands and feet, and pointed horns. A dragon-like creature that is more than double in strength from the confines of their human bodies. This form can be called upon at will, though it is deemed callous to do so without reason.

This is the closest picture I could find that almost fully depicts what a Drekkin in its true form would look like.

No man has killed a Drekkin when taken this form. Most do not even believe it to be possible since none have ever gazed upon this transformation of the Drekkin. Mostly, it is a legend passed on through Skald songs and tellings of old.

Now, the Drekkin mostly lies under the protection of their fathers’ wing and are not allowed to leave the safety of their fortresses, Their fathers, wanting to protect the lineage of their Lordships, forbid them to stray for fear they will be slain by man.

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of information about the Drekkin! Do you have any humanoid creatures in your WIP or book?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You – 




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