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Best Music to Write Battle Scenes To

Hey everyone! It’s been a while…

As you can see, I have been busy re-vamping this blog to make it a bit more user-friendly and adding some much more Coming Soon content to my window for upcoming blogs.

I wanted to have some fun today since I have recently been pondering over a particular chapter in book 2, that involves a lot of fighting, death, blood and lost limbs. I was having trouble figuring out how to choreograph such a scene. It really got me thinking just how much music influences and helps with the writing process.

For me, writing fight scenes requires a certain mindset and what better way to jump headfirst into that mindset than with a little battle-ready music!

So here are some of my go-to songs/bands for constructing the perfect fight scene:

Blind Guardian – Battlefield

So yeah, I am a HUGE Blind Guardian fan. I feel like their entire works across their incredible career spanning 4 decades (if not more) could be interpreted into the greatest fantasy novel of all time. This album, in particular, A Night at the Opera, is an epic high fantasy novel all in one. The pacing, the vocals, the incredible rifts, and sounds…it just gets you SO PUMPED! I want to ride into battle wielding an ax and screaming bloody murder every time I hear this song pulse in my ears.

I have seen them live 3 times and cannot wait to see them live again.

Unleash the Archers – Cleanse the Bloodlines

I’ve only recently (in the last 3 years or so) have been introduced to this incredible female vocal metal folk band, AND I MISSED OUT FOR SO LONG! This song has we raising my fist in incredible blood fury every single time it graces my Alexa playlist. This, from their album Apex, is riddled with incredible metal beats that will have you jumping onto mountains and screaming into the air. As soon as those guitars and drums beat in the first 3 seconds, I am ready to write some gut pouring goodness.

Have yet to see them live, but am itching to.

Dragonforce – Through The Fire And The Flames

I can’t leave out the very first power metal band I was ever introduced to, so Dragonforce gets the 3rd spot on my battle-ready list of great fright scene tunes. The face-paced guitar riffs and intense drumming that would probably detach a normal person’s hand from their body, Dragonforce is just a barrage of high tuned energy that would turn the most dismal day into pure earth-shattering epicness. This was one of the first songs I ever heard from them and is still my favorite. More of boost morale kinda song, still very effective when writing those long Helms Deep type battles. The album is Inhumane Rampage btw.

I’ve seen them live 3 times and trust me, you need probably lose 30 lbs from one show with all the jumping and moshing you will be doing.

Ensiferum – In My Sword I Trust

I have been a long-standing Ensiferum fan for a long, long time. This song, in particular, just takes me straight to the encampment on the eve of battle, getting ready to die with my sword anchored in my hand. From the album, Unsung Heroes, Ensiferum’s discography is another staple of the perfect example of battle-ready music. They will take you through every level, from strapping on your boots to cleaning the blood from your sword.

I’ve seen them live 2 times, and the heat and energy they exude when they play never dissipates.

Wagakki Band – 和楽器バンド / 千本桜

I am not even sure what the name of this song is, but Wagakki Band is one of my favorite Japanese Folk Metal bands ever! Not as powerful as Blind Guardian or previous examples of battle-ready music, but their combination of traditional Japanese folk music with modern instruments of a typical metal band, is brilliant beyond measure. Plus, they look so incredibly ready to just slay anything that stands in their way. You can just feel the energy they put into their music, like a work of art… ready to drive your daggers into someones neck kinda art.

If I ever saw them live, I think I would melt with happiness.

So there you have it! My top 5 battle- ready songs to construct the perfect fight scene in your novel.

Do you have a particular band or music you listen to to get in the mood to write bloodthirsty battles?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You – 



2 thoughts on “Best Music to Write Battle Scenes To”

  1. Wow, what a variety, I mean most of them are the grungey kind of hard metal bands but that last one was super unique to me. I love Japanese lyrics of any kind, simply because their language is just so graceful and beautiful to hear. I guess that’s why most of my series (before this WIP) takes place in Japan. It’s a place I’d love to visit someday.

    I was never really into the hard metal bands, not to say I was against them, it just wasn’t something I ever fell into, somehow. That Blind Guardian band is pretty damn epic, that song, in particular, seemed like it had a LOT of hard work and dedication put into it. I right away assumed – oh this is 80’s for sure – but nope, the album was 2002? Assuming the internet is accurate.

    These are bands I’ll certainly keep an eye out for, going forward. I was (and am) a video game soundtrack sort of guy, more than anything else. Except for Synthwave has suddenly taken over my life. But I agree, this sort of music really gets your blood pumping and makes it SO much easier to picture and write a battle scene when necessary. I haven’t really written any yet but I can easily picture a ton in my head. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

    Thanks for sharing these, I always love hearing what kind of music everybody else is into. I hope this style of music never dies, though I never really listened to this particular genre, I couldn’t imagine a generation without it.


    1. Blind Guardian is the staple of the power metal genre, I believe they were coined the first. Nothing compares to them. The first time I saw them live I never heard their music, my husband just asked if I wanted to come and I was like, yeah sure. I think I was born again that night. It definitely is an acquired taste, some of these, but as far as putting you in the right mindset for writing epic scenes, I think they all hit the nail on the head pretty hard.

      Glad you enjoyed good sir! Wagakki band is incredible, check them out on youtube, they have so many good songs. That goes for all of them.

      Liked by 1 person

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