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Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina


I have not done a character spotlight in some time but, now that my blog is looking spiffy, I can refocus on introducing you to the rest of these amazing characters from A Tale of Joro series. This is going to be formatted a bit differently from my last character reveals.

This character spotlight shines a glow on Tristan, the Dragon Lord of Steina, The Lost Dragon Lord of Joro (read story here) and father of Amalya.

“Do not tie unnecessary reasonings to the mysteries of your past. You learn quickly to disconnect yourself from all else that you think matters in life. It does not. My decisions are made toward a single purpose; to save our kind from the tyranny of man.”

-Tristan, The Dragon Slayer: A Tale of Joro

Tristan is the youngest reigning of the four remaining Drakarian lords, though his actual age is unknown. Tristan is his human name, his true name is Herra Myrkri Fjallið, which translates to Lord of the Dark Mountain. He is the lord of Steina, which translates to Rock. He has only ruled as a lord for 40 or so years but has the largest domain, which stretches over the cast mountain ranges of Joro.

(Quick FYI, Dragon Lords ARE Dragons, known as High Dragons, which are bigger and more powerful than normal dragons are. You are not born a High Dragon, but become one by defeating a Dragon Lord and eating their heart, giving you immense power and dominion over the defeated lord’s lands and title. It also gives them the power to transform into a human.)

In his human form, he has long almost grayish-black hair, a coloring that matches skin as a High Dragon. His eyes are that of his daughters, golden in hue and burning with intensity. He is tall with a lean physique. His face is strong but weathered, despite his age, and he is missing his right arm.



Tristan is cold-hearted but what he lacks in empathy, he makes up for with determination and a no-nonsense attitude.

Despite Amalya’s best efforts to form some sort of relationship with her father, Tristan want’s nothing to do with establishing an emotional bond with his kin. He only wishes for change when it comes to the Drakarians, how they choose to rule and how they will rise up from the ashes of the ever withering life of his people. With his people on the brink of extinction and only a handful of dragons left in Joro, he knows that the old ways must die in order for the Drakarians to survive.

He sees Amalya as the catalyst for that change and is determined to shape her into the savior they have been desperate for.

The other Dragon Lords do not look fondly on him, due to his new-age thinking, as it threatens the very fabric of Drakarian laws and traditions. He is also a law-breaker in their eyes by disobeying the decision of his fellow lords, and pursued Amalya’s mother and had a child with her, outside the bounds of Drakarian bonding traditions.

“You are Drekkin, born into this world with fire in your soul. Fear what you will face, but do not fear when you face it. You possess all the power you need if you dare to look for it. Reclaim your destiny, my daughter.”

-Tristan, The Dragon Slayer: A Tale of Joro

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into that which is Tristan!

He is such a fun character to write; I really love slowly unfolding his story. He wasn’t always so unfeeling and aggressive. It’s a part of the series that really sheds light on how the past shapes us, no matter what stage of life we are in.

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina”

  1. Who did the art of Tristan? You or a fan? So the guy stole Amalya’s mom, had an affair with her and tossed her in the medieval dumpster. Their poor dad and poor Amalya too. Not sure I want to meet this guy lol but the story won’t unfold if I don’t, so. I have a feeling he’ll come around at the last minute – I hope. What happened to his right arm? Let me guess, I’ll find out later? 😉


    1. Tristan’s character is… complicated. There is a lot that Amalya doesn’t know about him (for obvious reasons) and what he has done in the past seems so terrible. The story of Tristan and Amalya (her mom, not the current one) is actually the first story I wrote that started this entire series. It’s a completed novella that is just sitting on my computer as the starting point of Joro. I’ll get back to it one day; the story is incredibly sad (surprise surprise!) but you would never recognize Tristan from how he was then, to how he is during this time.

      Liked by 1 person

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