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The Drakarians: Guardians of Joro

Let’s take a deeper look into the world of the Drakarians.

Drakarians are the Dragon race of Joro. Children born of Dag & Nott, light and darkness, they were created to watch over the lands that Sol created, to protect life and nurture those worthy of knowledge.

In the beginning, the Drakarians lived freely, guarding over the 5 provinces of Joro, lead by the wisest of their race, The Elder Dragon. 5 Dragons were given title as lords by the Elder Dragon, and both man and the beasts of the world worshipped them as Gods.

When they first saw the potential in man, there was much debate on whether they should be given the gift of fire. The Elder Dragon was against it, but for the first time, the Drakarians did not abide by the Elder Dragons words, bestowing upon man the fires of knowledge.

Hi, I try to painting a dragon to burn the army and try to make the picture more coordinated_

At first, man was grateful and paid homage to the lords of the skies, but soon, the need for knowledge grew too great, becoming a need to control. Thus, the Dragon Wars began, a 100-year war between man and Drakarian.

Now, the Drakarians are a mere whisper of what they once were…

For the last 100 years, all dragonlings conceived have either died before their birth or have only lived a fraction of the Drakarian lifespan. Female Dragons have long since abandoned the hopes that their offspring would live and prosper in this once great land, fleeing in hopes of finding salvation in a land not plagued by death.

Man, seizing this opportunity to rid the lands of Drakarians for good, hunt and kill those that remain, their sons and any who remain loyal to them.

The Dragon Lords hold on to their power and hierarchy as miserly kings cling to their gold. Very few dragons remain loyal to their lords, and all those that do, remain hidden inside their cages of stone to covet their lives and avoid the wrath man has deemed worthy of them.

The son’s of the remaining lords, half-dragon half-human creations from the magic discovered by Marin that ended the Dragon Wars, are forced to abide by their father’s covetous, protecting nothing but themselves, and remain the last shadowy hope for the Drakarian race.

Frail hope remains in the form of a prophecy, spoken by the last Elder Dragon before he breathed his last firey breath during the First Dragon Wars:


Thanks for reading!

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


2 thoughts on “The Drakarians: Guardians of Joro”

  1. You know, your prophecy doesn’t only make sense in your universe but it does in ours too. Really, it would take the end of everything — to wipe out everything and start clean before we could truly experience peace. Things are too messed up as they are now, there is no other way. Except in your story, there’s proof that such a calamity will bring a new, blessed era. I do the same in my work — there is a reason the world ends buuuuut I won’t go into here, that would just be rude lol.

    I get nervous thinking of what hell your crew will have to go through in order to fulfill this prophecy. But it’ll all work out in the end…right? Maybe not for the reader or for your characters but the rest of mankind and the Drakarians. Yay… 😦


    1. If it’s meant to be right? It might not work out the way people think it will. I like throwing in curveballs, ESPECIALLY at the end of the series which… technically isn’t the end bc I have 2 more books floating around once this trilogy is over 🙂

      And yeah, I agree with what you’re saying about the end of all things. We can try to fix pollution and climate change and everything else wrong with the world, but it’s too late. The Earth will rebel one way or the other, global flooding more than likely, and we can’t do anything about it.

      Liked by 1 person

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