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The Truth Behind Work/Life Balance

What is the truth behind writer/life balance?

Is there even such a thing, really? As a work-at-home mom and an aspiring writer, I have heard the phrase “work/life balance” tossed around so many times surrounding mom life and work life. How you can have the best of both worlds without the stress and aggravation that goes along with everything and all.

The reality is, there is no such thing as balance. Not consistently anyway.

Your life is always changing; you are not the same person you were last year, week or even yesterday. Circumstances change, your kid’s change, job changes, stress changes… everything is always changing over and over again throughout your life. The change affects all the things you are trying to accomplish and do, and that goes for writing as well.

So what can you do to combat these changes and not drive yourself up a wall? I have a simple solution that may not be so simple to implement BUT works every single time you apply it.

Forgive yourself.

You might have been able to write two chapters a day for a week straight but now, you can’t even manage to get through one since last Sunday. Don’t stress about it, don’t beat yourself up.

Forgive yourself. Let yourself breathe. Look at the big picture.

There might have been a major (or minor) change that happened to you recently; maybe your kid was sick or you have been working extra hard at your job to meet a deadline or you are trying to get back into the flow since returning from a brief vacation.

Whatever the cause or reason may be, it’s important to not let it create guilt and the feeling of failure within you. Things take time, and writing should NEVER be dictated by deadlines. I truly believe that things happen when they are meant to happen. If it takes you 7 years to finish a  book (*raising my hand proudly over here*) then that’s okay!

So don’t sweat it. Go with the flow.

The true balance you are trying to find is the ability to adapt to the changes that come with everyday life smoothly and without regret.

Is there anything that has been disrupting your flow lately? How do you take a step back and help yourself balance out?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –



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