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Character Spotlight: Yarah, Princess of Joro

Getting my hands on another character spotlight today!

This one is the very lovely and very clever Yarah, Princess of Joro.

Yarah is one of those characters that sprang to life as  I was writing her. Never really knew which direction I was going, but as I began to flesh out the entirety of my trilogy, she was becoming a more dominant role once she was introduced in book 2. I already had a decently strong character of the heart with Amalya, but not in mind. Yarah fills that void with her cleverness and poise, an elegant and practical voice that travels far and wide through the lands of Joro. Quite frankly, she was a welcomed relief to introduce and write.

She was very peculiar though headstrong and confident. He could see her father in her, though the maddening look was not something she possessed. She held herself with more poise, control… elegance. Carrying a strong voice with an equally as strong composure.”

– Arthur on Princess Yarah

Yarah is the second child of King Ulfrick and Queen Hydi of Joro. She is headstrong, clever and possesses a knack for planting seeds and discovering secrets. Yarah is a bit of a trickster and has mastered the art of deception. Being a woman, even though she is the eldest having survived the early passing of her elder brother Henrik, she will never achieve the status of queen. The passing of the torch falls into the hands of her younger brother, Josef.

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“We all speak of destiny but what is destiny really? A path that is created for us to follow blindly or one we discover for ourselves with eyes wide open. I choose to believe it is the latter.”

-Princess Yarah

Yarah is 22 years of age and has long strawberry blonde hair. She is tall, poised with a swanlike neck and angled face. She is headstrong, someone who does not easily trust others. She is incredibly smart and always values decisions of the mind over that of the heart. Though she is confident and believes in herself, there is a quiet sadness within her, from her brother Henrik’s untimely death. She feels she must solve the mysteries surrounding it and live out the destiny that her brother so suddenly left behind. She is always looking out for your younger brother, Josef, making sure he stays out of trouble and does not wander too far into the shadows of the terrible truths she has the pleasure of discovering.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Yarah, Princess of Joro!

Do you have any princesses in your book or WIP? Tell me about it!

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


1 thought on “Character Spotlight: Yarah, Princess of Joro”

  1. When will I have the pleasure of reading about her, hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Is it before or after Arthur gets beaten to a pulp again? 😉 She definitely has that look of somebody you don’t want to mess with. I’m sure she’s full of surprises, at least enough to keep AWWWTHHA on his toes.

    This Josef feller is one of Amalya’s (soon to be) interests, right? This a funny brother/sister combo going on here. I hope he’s a good guy – Amalya doesn’t need any more crap in her life, you hear? 😉

    It’s funny how some of the best characters can just come out of nowhere. It’s even funnier when you create a character you intend on nobody liking but they end up doing the opposite. Anyhoo, good blog post, champ.


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