Short Stories

Inktober Challenge: Day 1

Happy October Everyone!

October is a very busy month for me and my family; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and Halloween of course…

Also, October is the start of #inktober, an artist challenge that runs every single day of the month. Inktober gives you a single word every day and, using only ink, you must create something from that word.


This year, I discovered a writing challenge for inktober and really wanted to participate in it BUT being that I also wanted to start drawing again, as I have not picked up a pencil in over a year, I thought I would combine the 2 and create a drawing based on the short story I’ve created.

Now, I am NOT going to participate every single day.

Life is hectic enough and I don’t want to stress myself out. This is supposed to be fun and I am using Inktober as a way to help me get back into the drawing swing as well as stretch my creative writing muscles.

So here is my short + my first ever ink inspired drawing:

I’ve never worked with ink exclusively before but I am up for it!

Day 1: Ring

Matilda! What are you doing up there! Come now, I don’t have all day!

She cowered in the corner of her flower papered room. A large wooden dollhouse she played with from her youth still sat in the corner next to an old creaking rocking chair. A large standing window stayed locked and curtains are drawn to hold back the daylight. When it was allowed to enter, it became the perfect picture of the life money could buy.

Rolling up her sleeve, ignoring her mother’s authorization to come down from her hiding place, Matilda looked with quivering eyes at the dark round ring staining her perfectly youthful skin. She had been marked by the very thing laying waste to hundreds of people each day that turned. 

But those people were serfs, poor and whose lives carried little meaning. This could not happen to her. It couldn’t.

Matilda! Don’t make me come up there!

She pressed her body against the wall, closing her eyes from the only truth this path could lead. An image of the flightless bird of death, with waxed coat and a sharply-pointed beak, staring at her disease-ridden body with those round soulless eyes…

The butcher’s boy, Caleb. So handsome and charming. He had lured her heart with his words and the feel of his hands on her skin. She had gone to him one night, somewhere away from her home, into the mouth of the beast thinking she would be safe from common afflictions. 

She had let lust overpower logic. That one night of passionate greed had condemned her to death.

Ring around the rosy,

A pocket full of posies,

Ashes, ashes,

We all fall down.

Thanks for reading! Let the Inktober challenge begin!

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You-



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