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Shades of Love: Romance in Your Writing

One of the staples of writing is the chance to infuse a little love in your work.

Depending on the genre, romance is one of those things that is pretty much a part of every novel, whether it is past, present or future. It could be someone who lost love, someone who found it, or someone who hopes for it.

One thing I learned from drafting up my fantasy series, is that it is so important to make sure that romance progresses and doesn’t just hit one note.

So here are a few tips for you on how to keep the progression of the romance in your book hot and interesting:

Add Conflict: We all love ‘happily ever after’ endings, but in reality, those are very unrealistic. Not saying that writing fiction IS realistic, but it’s important if you want to connect with your readers, to make sure the love in your work runs into some sort of conflict. Challenge it and see if it is strong enough to withstand the hurdles you put in front of it. Don’t make it easy for them either. The more conflict love overcomes, the harder it is to get it to where it once was.

Emotions Change: love is never just one note. Sometimes, something happens where feelings might shift towards the person(s) in love. This goes along with conflict but is a tad different. It doesn’t deal with the physical, but the mental aspects of love. Granted, conflict can be both, but you want to make sure you are telling your audience how much it affects them, how much they are hurt by it or how hard it will be to ever look at that person the same again.

Build Up the Layers: Once your couple or couples hit all of the first two nails on the head, you want to make sure whatever troubles they fall into are not forgotten. Do your characters harp on sins of the past? How do they overcome hardship in love? Do they abandon it or muscle through it? If there is one thing I have learned from being married and having two kids after almost 10 years of marriage, is that the layers add credibility to love. It shows the readers just how deep and real that love really is. So don’t just add in all the juicy details and then forget about them once it’s past.

So there you have it, 3 tips on how to create a fundamentally and credible romance in your writing. I hope this helps you look at romance in a different way and help guide you through the troubles and tribulations of love just a little bit better.

How important is romance in your writing?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You-


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