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Best Anime Openings to Write To

Showing off a bit of my nerdy side. I am a huge fan of anime.

I was never much of a manga reader, but I have been watching Anime since I was a kid, starting with my favorite series Dragonball. Since then, my plane has far expanded to more than just action and tom-foolery, though that still remains my favorite kind of anime to watch.

Anime has greatly influenced my writing, especially when it comes to character development and storytelling.

Aside from the show content, the theme songs to some of my favorite anime’s have graced my writing playlist multiple times.

So, without further or do, here are some of my favorite anime openings to write to (and some of my favorite animes to watch too):

Blood+ (Season 3 Opening)
UVERworld – Colors of the Heart

Blood+ is one of my all-time favorite animes. I’ve watched all 4 seasons of its brilliant take on vampires, demons, and katana action. The story follows Saya, a girl if mysterious origin, who is in all accounts a vampire slayer. The beasts in this show call Kyroptorin and when she discovers her twin sister Diva and her evil intent, Saya must stop at nothing to thwart her. Two of my characters, Amalya and Orrin, are modeled after Saya and her protector Hagi in so many ways.

This theme song really captures the essence of the show and is one of my favorite visual opens to date. UVERword does an amazing job in really setting the pace for any scene where time is the only obstacle to face.

Vinland Saga (Season 1 opening)
Survive Said the Prophet – MUKANJYO

This is a newer obsession of mine, yes the show Vinland saga, but more so the opening. Vinland Saga is a story about a boy named Thorfinn who witnesses his father’s death and is hellbent on killing the man responsible. Revenge is his only driving force, and this song captures everything you could ever hope to know about the series. Thorfinn is the perfect example of a boy who thinks he lost everything. It reminds me of the film The Revenant. Once he DOES finally get revenge, what is left for him?

You could not ask for a better opening then Survive Said the Prophet. It carries the energy of hopelessness in every lyric and cord. A great song to listen to when capturing those dark moments.

Princess Jellyfish (Season 1 opening)
Chatmonchy – Just Between Us

Princess Jellyfish, one of the best surprises in anime I have ever discovered. This show is about a girl Tsukimi who is kind of a nerd living with her fellow outcasts in Japan. When she meets a cross-dressing millionaire, a lot of shenanigans transpire and Tsukimi starts to be seen as more than a glasses-wearing nerd who loves jellyfish.

Chatmonchy’s theme for this show is so candy-coated and sweet, it is a great song when writing those adorable moments or happy accidents. The quintessential innocent song and I love it!

Cowboy Bebop (all seasons opening)
The Seatbelts – TANK!

I can’t have an anime opening list and NOT include Cowboy Bebop. This was one of the first anime’s I ever watched when I was younger. I mean, what more appeal could a show have, gunslinging space pirates and a corgi?! Please, it’s perfect. The show follows a gang of street smart space pirates, Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed, and Ein the corgi, on their many adventures dealing with gangs and crime up and around the universe.

The theme song is a bit genre-specific, but it’s got that cool jazz melody that just swims with potential for creating some dynamite scenes. This song is not just on my writing playlist, but in my car music files and burned on a CD somewhere. Such a great beat!

Welcome to the NHK! (Season 1 opening)
Round Table featuring Nina – Puzzle

One of those silly, rediculous animes that just make me laugh, but also has a real emotional lining, Welcome to the NHK! is about a guy named Tatsuhiro Sato, an anti-social gamer who lives his life shut up in his apartment playing over the top dating games on his computer. Until he meets a girl, Misaki, she begins to bleed a bit of the outside world into his, which causes all sorts of clumsy moments and even some empathy into his life.

Puzzle is a great song period. It reminds me of those awkward moments as a teen or even as an adult, where you aren’t sure what to think or do. If there is ever a moment in your writing where your characters are trying to muddle through that uncertainty, pop on this tune.

One Punch Man (Season 1 opening)
Jam Project – The HERO!!

The song just punches you with energy (literally!). One Punch Man is about a self-made hero named Saitama, whose mission in life is to find someone who can beat him. So far, his mission has become moot. Meeting Genos, an incredibly powerful android who becomes his apprentice, Saitama enters the world of superheroes in his never-ending quest to fight the perfect opponent. This show isn’t serious…at all. It is a slap-stick powerball that any anime fan would enjoy.

Jam Project made this song for this show, and holy shit did they hit it perfectly. Such a great pre-battle tune to get the blood pumping for all those war cries, sword swipes, and broken bones.

There you have it! Some great anime opening tunes for you to add to your writing playlist.

If you are an anime junkie like me, what are some of your favorite anime songs to listen to?

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You –


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