Author Journey

The Journey So Far: A New Decade

Hello, all my fellow readers and writers! Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s the start of a new decade. Not only does it make me feel old, but it also sends chills of excitement through my bones. 2010-2020 was a HUGE time for me. I got married, had two kids, lived in 2 houses, started my work-from-home business, took my writing journey more seriously, and have really worked on myself as far as living a more selfless and positive life.

Now, a new door is opening and I am very keen to experience walking the path leading me into the next 10 years.

2019 was a MASSIVE growing year for my writing journey. I learned so much about the writing process, what the traditional publishing road really looks like and met some amazing people in the writing community. And the best part is, I am far from being done! I have taken it upon myself to invest in my writing, not necessarily with $, but with time, energy and a passion to succeed.

I didn’t hit all my writing goals for 2019, but I DID accomplish far more than I thought I would. So here is to a new year, with new goals to work towards:

  • Finish editing Book 1 by March
  • The second round of Beta readers for Book 1 by April
  • Have query letter, synopsis ready to send to publishers/agents by fall 2020
  • Write Everyday

The last one is particularly important to me. I’ve been taking Gaiman’s Masterclass and one of the most important takeaways I have learned is that not all your ideas need to become something. As long as you’re writing, stretching that muscle and adding to your compost heap of ideas, eventually, something big will come from it.

I am taking my time. I know this series will be ready when it’s meant to be ready. I don’t want it to be perfect because perfection shouldn’t be the end goal. They only thing I want is for my story to make the reader feel something, anything. To make them believe that the impossible is possible and that, despite all the rocks that are thrown at us every day, finding a way to hold yourself up and carry on stronger then before IS POSSIBLE.

Here’s to the new year, a new decade, and new writings worlds to discover.

May Sol’s Light Shine Within You-


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