Author Journey

3 Things That Make a Good Book Cover

Let's face it, we all judge books by their cover. That saying is old news, because 9 times out of 10, we decide to pick up a book based on what we see on the cover. So what do you need to create a compelling cover? Images & Tone: In order to carry over the… Continue reading 3 Things That Make a Good Book Cover

Book Aesthetics

The Tale of the Lost Dragon Lord

This is a fairly new legend in Joro that has only been circulating throughout the kingdom for the past 15 years or so. The importance of this story is that it is GREATLY entwined with the lives of the series siblings, Arthur & Amalya.     A tale is told of a Dragon Lord who… Continue reading The Tale of the Lost Dragon Lord

Author Journey

How to Prepare for Beta Readers

I have finally hit the home stretch with editing my epic fantasy novel! It's an incredible feeling and also a scary one. This whole getting published process is totally new to me, so I am taking everything step by step, trying to absorb what I need to in order to make my dream happen. Now… Continue reading How to Prepare for Beta Readers

Short Stories

Unexpected Love Story

I know, I am a bit redonkulous ( no, that is NOT a typo). This month, I have been obsessed with entering this writing contest. I've never entered any of my writing into a competition before. The process was very stressful at first, so stressful that I overshot the word count by 1k words the… Continue reading Unexpected Love Story