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The Truth Behind Work/Life Balance

What is the truth behind writer/life balance? Is there even such a thing, really? As a work-at-home mom and an aspiring writer, I have heard the phrase "work/life balance" tossed around so many times surrounding mom life and work life. How you can have the best of both worlds without the stress and aggravation that… Continue reading The Truth Behind Work/Life Balance

Book Aesthetics

The Drakarians: Guardians of Joro

Let's take a deeper look into the world of the Drakarians. Drakarians are the Dragon race of Joro. Children born of Dag & Nott, light and darkness, they were created to watch over the lands that Sol created, to protect life and nurture those worthy of knowledge. In the beginning, the Drakarians lived freely, guarding… Continue reading The Drakarians: Guardians of Joro

Book Aesthetics

Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina

FINALLY! I have not done a character spotlight in some time but, now that my blog is looking spiffy, I can refocus on introducing you to the rest of these amazing characters from A Tale of Joro series. This is going to be formatted a bit differently from my last character reveals. This character spotlight… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina