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The Journey So Far…

October is zip for writing. This month has been so crazy busy! It always is though as a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and the like fall in between these 30 days of the year. Even so, it has left me very little time to work on my book series which has me sad facing all… Continue reading The Journey So Far…

Author Journey

Best Music to Write Battle Scenes To

Hey everyone! It's been a while... As you can see, I have been busy re-vamping this blog to make it a bit more user-friendly and adding some much more Coming Soon content to my window for upcoming blogs. I wanted to have some fun today since I have recently been pondering over a particular chapter… Continue reading Best Music to Write Battle Scenes To

Author Journey

The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

It's finally that time! I am so happy to announce that Book 1 of A Tale of Joro series has successfully passed over my eyes in my second round of editing! I could not be more proud of myself in accomplishing this. The road to publication is THAT MUCH CLOSER to achieving! But now I… Continue reading The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

Short Stories

Dark Love Story: Sins of the Flesh

Happy Thursday book readers and writers! This past month I participated in an Instagram writing challenge that a few of my insta-writers were putting together. The premise of this challenge was to write a dark love story, without the butterfly kisses, flowers, chocolates, and endless snuggling. For me, writing dark tales is no challenge at… Continue reading Dark Love Story: Sins of the Flesh