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Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina

FINALLY! I have not done a character spotlight in some time but, now that my blog is looking spiffy, I can refocus on introducing you to the rest of these amazing characters from A Tale of Joro series. This is going to be formatted a bit differently from my last character reveals. This character spotlight… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Tristan, Dragon Lord of Steina

Book Aesthetics

The Curse of the Drekkin

"It is said that a Drekkin can become that from which the darkness is created. A creature stripped away to the cold bones of nightmares; menacing and unwilling to compromise except when the solution is death." Borik the Skald I have stated before that Drekkin, those with a Drakarian father and human mother, was first… Continue reading The Curse of the Drekkin

Author Journey

How to Prepare for Beta Readers

I have finally hit the home stretch with editing my epic fantasy novel! It's an incredible feeling and also a scary one. This whole getting published process is totally new to me, so I am taking everything step by step, trying to absorb what I need to in order to make my dream happen. Now… Continue reading How to Prepare for Beta Readers