Author Journey

The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

It's finally that time! I am so happy to announce that Book 1 of A Tale of Joro series has successfully passed over my eyes in my second round of editing! I could not be more proud of myself in accomplishing this. The road to publication is THAT MUCH CLOSER to achieving! But now I… Continue reading The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

Book Aesthetics

The Curse of the Drekkin

"It is said that a Drekkin can become that from which the darkness is created. A creature stripped away to the cold bones of nightmares; menacing and unwilling to compromise except when the solution is death." Borik the Skald I have stated before that Drekkin, those with a Drakarian father and human mother, was first… Continue reading The Curse of the Drekkin