Author Journey

The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

It's finally that time! I am so happy to announce that Book 1 of A Tale of Joro series has successfully passed over my eyes in my second round of editing! I could not be more proud of myself in accomplishing this. The road to publication is THAT MUCH CLOSER to achieving! But now I… Continue reading The Journey So Far: BETA’S WANTED!

Author Journey

What you NEED to pay for as an Indie Author

The road to publication can be an expensive one. There are so many factors that come with creating a book that not only you are happy with, but marketing and selling as well. If you choose to go the indie route, there are a lot more expenses you need to consider with publishing a book.… Continue reading What you NEED to pay for as an Indie Author

Book Aesthetics

Sol: Deity of Joro

I wanted to give everyone a bit of insight into Joro's deity. Sol is the God of Creation. In modern comparison, he is the father of all things. He is the sun, made of nothing but energy and fire. As most creator gods, he was always there with no origin or meaning for existing. He… Continue reading Sol: Deity of Joro

Author Journey

Creating the Perfect Pen Name

Okay, you may be asking yourself... should I create a pen name? I pondered the same question myself for some time. The key factor in deciding what to do was trying to figure out if my real name would follow these 3 criteria: Fit with the genre I was writing Be easy to pronounce and… Continue reading Creating the Perfect Pen Name