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Shades of Love: Romance in Your Writing

One of the staples of writing is the chance to infuse a little love in your work. Depending on the genre, romance is one of those things that is pretty much a part of every novel, whether it is past, present or future. It could be someone who lost love, someone who found it, or… Continue reading Shades of Love: Romance in Your Writing

Short Stories

Unexpected Love Story

I know, I am a bit redonkulous ( no, that is NOT a typo). This month, I have been obsessed with entering this writing contest. I've never entered any of my writing into a competition before. The process was very stressful at first, so stressful that I overshot the word count by 1k words the… Continue reading Unexpected Love Story

Short Stories

Dark Love Story: Sins of the Flesh

Happy Thursday book readers and writers! This past month I participated in an Instagram writing challenge that a few of my insta-writers were putting together. The premise of this challenge was to write a dark love story, without the butterfly kisses, flowers, chocolates, and endless snuggling. For me, writing dark tales is no challenge at… Continue reading Dark Love Story: Sins of the Flesh