Book Aesthetics

The Curse of the Drekkin

"It is said that a Drekkin can become that from which the darkness is created. A creature stripped away to the cold bones of nightmares; menacing and unwilling to compromise except when the solution is death." Borik the Skald I have stated before that Drekkin, those with a Drakarian father and human mother, was first… Continue reading The Curse of the Drekkin

Book Aesthetics

Character Spotlight: Orrin

Was looking forward to this character spotlight! It's time to meet one of the Drakarian Sons of Joro. (I know the featured image has blue eyes, but everything else about that art is perfect. Captured via Pinterest) I've been looking forward to sharing more about Orrin. He is one of those characters that has evolved… Continue reading Character Spotlight: Orrin

Book Aesthetics

Marin & The White Dragon

Some fantasy tales refer to a savior of some kind; a prophet. Someone who made a lasting impact in a particular place that everyone remembers and respects. In A Tale of Joro series, this universal savior is known as the Lady Marin (MARE-IN). I wanted to share her story of who she is and why… Continue reading Marin & The White Dragon

Author Journey

The Journey Continues: Keep On Writing

Hello, all my fellow writers & readers! It's finally spring! I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to some warmer, sunnier weather. The winter had me singing the blues. Now that the sun is out and the birds are chirping, I got the spring fever bug! March was a month of… Continue reading The Journey Continues: Keep On Writing