Author Journey

How to Prepare for Beta Readers

I have finally hit the home stretch with editing my epic fantasy novel! It's an incredible feeling and also a scary one. This whole getting published process is totally new to me, so I am taking everything step by step, trying to absorb what I need to in order to make my dream happen. Now… Continue reading How to Prepare for Beta Readers

Short Stories

Unexpected Love Story

I know, I am a bit redonkulous ( no, that is NOT a typo). This month, I have been obsessed with entering this writing contest. I've never entered any of my writing into a competition before. The process was very stressful at first, so stressful that I overshot the word count by 1k words the… Continue reading Unexpected Love Story

Book Aesthetics

Marin & The White Dragon

Some fantasy tales refer to a savior of some kind; a prophet. Someone who made a lasting impact in a particular place that everyone remembers and respects. In A Tale of Joro series, this universal savior is known as the Lady Marin (MARE-IN). I wanted to share her story of who she is and why… Continue reading Marin & The White Dragon

Author Journey

The Journey Continues: Keep On Writing

Hello, all my fellow writers & readers! It's finally spring! I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to some warmer, sunnier weather. The winter had me singing the blues. Now that the sun is out and the birds are chirping, I got the spring fever bug! March was a month of… Continue reading The Journey Continues: Keep On Writing