Short Stories

Inktober Challenge: Day 1

Happy October Everyone! October is a very busy month for me and my family; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and Halloween of course... Also, October is the start of #inktober, an artist challenge that runs every single day of the month. Inktober gives you a single word every day and, using only ink, you must create something… Continue reading Inktober Challenge: Day 1

Author Journey

Music that Inspires My Writing

Writing isn't a silent venture. There is always something going on in our minds or being taken in through our senses that influences the words we write on the page. For me, music is a muse that helps me harness certain emotions, build tension and create some of the most difficult or bloodthirsty moments. Everyone… Continue reading Music that Inspires My Writing

Author Journey

What Type of Writer Are You?

Hoping to share some aspiring writers out there some words writing wisdom... Do you feel you need a clear, distinct path? This falls under the category of what type of writer you are; a planner or a pantser. The quinticential definition of a Planner is someone who maps out their entire novel, from start to… Continue reading What Type of Writer Are You?